An X-ray test uses small doses of X-rays, which are a type of high-energy (ionizing) radiation.  X-rays are the oldest and most frequently used form of medical imaging.

Ordinary X-ray test can be used for diagnosing disease and abnormalities of bones, teeth, joints, lung, gastroenterology system or breast (mammography).

The test is easy, quick, painless and relatively cheap. On the other hand, an ordinary X-ray has limited use. More sophisticated iodine-based and barium contrast X-rays, or other imaging techniques may be needed for detailed or further estimation of certain body parts.

The dose of X-ray radiation used during the test is always kept to the minimum needed to obtain a good picture of the particular body part being checked. However pregnant women should not have an X-ray test, as there is a small risk that X-rays may cause an abnormality to the fetus.