Health and Tourism International Center is the leading provider of medical services that connects the patient and the clinic within a country or outside. The existence of such type of companies in Georgia is very important and necessary, since medical tourism itself is a new and rapidly developing sub-sector. Its growth rate among other segments of tourism is high. When a patient does not receive the necessary medical care in his country, he chooses a preferred country, a doctor, a clinic, where he will offer the most modern medical and diagnostic methods available at affordable prices. Medical tourism also includes the attraction of foreign patients in the country and the provision of services for the prevention, rehabilitation, treatment (including operational) in terms of medical care.

HTI Center is a company that fully meets the interests of patients, our team is staffed by professionals with many years of experience in the health sector. Our task is to study the needs of clients and connect them with relevant institutions. At the same time, maintain close contact with customers throughout the process and ensure that the process is successful. The International Center for Health and Tourism cooperates with the most famous and prestigious clinics in Georgia, balneological resorts, health centers, sanatoriums, hotels and tourist facilities, as well as with the most prestigious and successful clinics and hospitals abroad.

The HTI Center offers local and foreign patients the most prestigious and best clinics in Georgia and abroad:

  • Dentistry and dental prosthetics;
  • cosmetic medicine;
  • visual correction (using the excimer laser method);
  • Treatment of coronary heart disease (stenting, shunting);
  • face care (exclusive type, as the Tbilisi plant is one of the unique objects in the world);
  • Reproductive health services (infertility treatment, in vitro fertilization, etc.)

The HTI Center also offers recreational tours. Georgia is rich in the resort areas and it has great potential for medical tourism destinations. There are 102 resorts in the country and 182 resort places that can offer users treatment, rehabilitation and treatment of various diseases.

It is noteworthy that all types of medical profile in the world are concentrated in Georgia, where there are natural medicinal factors - mineral water, mud, recreational climate and necessary conditions for their medicinal and prophylactic purposes.

Beautiful nature, mountain and fresh sea, delicious cuisine, hospitable hosts and qualified doctors are all the conditions in Georgia to make you feel comfortable.

Our goal is to help our customers improve their health or recreation.