Medical Center Vivamedi

Medical Center Vivamedi

What is important for all of us when we visit the clinic? The first thing that you can perceive is the environment, the attentive staff, the reliability, the ultramodern equipment, the experienced team of professionals and the best doctors. We want to introduce you to our friend clinic VivaMed. This is a clinic for any social layer. All fields and directions of medicine include:


- Neurosurgery

- Oncology

- Jaw-face surgery

- Angiosurgery

- Thoraco-abdominal surgery

- Orthopedics – traumatology

The hospital also includes the following services:

        - Outpatient

        - Emergens

        - Interventional cardiology

        - Otorhinolaryngology

        - Ophthalmology

        - Urology

        - In-Vitro Fertilization

        - Maternity

        - Gynecology

        - Neonatology

        - Surgery (Endoscopy)

        - Chemotherapy

        - Laboratory 

The clinic's infrastructure meets the strictest European standards. Very warm and comfortable environment, a team of skilled professionals, acceptable prices. You will agree that all the best conditions are collected here.

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