How it works

Second opinion

Checking the course of diagnosis and treatment


In medicine, the service of the "second opinion" is the opinion of the specialists on the optimal method of diagnosis, course of treatment, disease management, which the patient applies on the recommendation of a doctor or independently - at will.

The second opinion implies that another expert, with his knowledge and competence, will further assess the patient's health condition, the correctness of the diagnosis and the prescribed treatment; It is quite possible that he might be much more experienced in managing a particular disease.

Dealing with a health problem is a stressful factor and in this process it is very important to trust your doctor, to believe in the effectiveness of the prescribed course of treatment.

A patient can apply a “Second Opinion” if:

  • He/She is unsure of the correctness of the course of diagnosis and treatment;
  • He/She wants to make sure that he/she does receive adequate medical care;
  • The prescribed course of treatment is helpless, etc.

Often the patient feels awkward and does not know how to tell the treating physician that he wants to verify the information and needs to consult another doctor. Remember that this is your legal right and choice, for which many explanations are not necessary. Sometimes a doctor will tell you about a “second opinion” himself and even recommend his colleague for this service.

All citizens of Georgia have the right to receive comprehensive information in a way that is understandable to them and to request a “second opinion” about their health.

The so-called Second Opinion does not necessarily mean that you do not trust the attending physician - getting to know another doctor is a completely normal and accepted practice in the leading countries of the world. According to some scientists, thanks to the Second opinion, the patient often gets new information and gets a better chance of recovery. Thus, you can make sure the diagnosis is correct and find out if another specialist has an alternative, much more effective method treatment.

If you think that you need more clarity in the diagnosis, you have the right to hear a "second opinion"!!!