About us

Health and Tourism International Center has been successfully operating in the medical tourism industry for many years - a direct marker of our success is in hundreds of recovered and well-instructed patients.

About our partners

The partners of our organization are the giant clinics of the world medical market - Health and Tourism International Center is the official representative of the well-known medical centers of Georgia.

See the list of our company partners:

  • Acibadem Healthcare Group, MedicalPark, Anadolu Medical Center, American Hospital, NP Istanbul Brain Hospital (Turkey);
  • Mayo Clinic, Anderson Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, Jefferson Clinic (USA);
  • Maria Cecilia Hospital - GVM, Gruppo San Donato, Gruppo Giomi, Humanitas Research Hospital (Italy);
  • Assuta, Hadassah (Israel);
  • German Hospital (Germany);
  • HM Hospitales (Spain);
  • Stem Cell Clinic, MedicoMente, Manufactura Clinic, Grace (Ukraine);
  • Fortis Healthcare Limited, Apollo Lifeline, Max Healthcare (India);
  • Emirates Specialty Hospital, American Hospital, King’s College Hospital (United Arab Emirates) and others

The full list of our organization's partners can be found on the website in the "Partners" section.

Our team

The organization is staffed by professionals who are successful in the field of healthcare, with many years of experience.

Our team works every day, 24 hours a day. Contact us through the call center or social networks - we are always online.

What does our organization offer?

Health and Tourism International Center cooperates with the most famous and reliable multi-profile clinics operating both in Georgia and abroad.

Our company provides all the necessary documents for treatment (visa support, interpreter services, air tickets, hotel reservation, transfer, notarized translation, doctor's consultation, patient registration at the appropriate clinic, ward selection, accommodation of an accompanying person, etc.).

Health and Tourism International Center also takes care of the health of foreign patients - with the help of our organization, patients living abroad come to Georgia for a similar service for treatment.

What type of medical services will you use?

We offer multidisciplinary outpatient and inpatient services, dental procedures, reproductive treatment, rehabilitation course, modern cosmetology manipulations and plastic surgery, rest in famous balneological resorts, health and relaxation centers, spas.

Health and Tourism International Center will connect you with the world's leading medical centers and doctors.

Each clinical case in the organization will be studied individually; The patient will be referred to the appropriate medical center for diagnosis or treatment with an appropriate doctor.


The second opinion - check the diagnosis and the course of treatment

At the Health and Tourism International Center you can use such a modern method as the second opinion.

What does the second opinion mean?

The second opinion is the opinion of the specialist about the diagnosis, the course of treatment, the optimal method of disease management, which the patient consults on his own recommendation or independently, after consulting the treating physician

If you have doubts about the correctness of the diagnosis and course of treatment, you want to check the results of the examination, learn about alternative methods of treatment, contact us at the office - have all medical records (X-ray examinations, blood test results, information about prescribed medications, etc.)

Health and Tourism International Center will check the diagnosis in the most successful clinics in the world, will introduce you to the second opinion of foreign specialists.


International events

Health and Tourism International Center has been actively participating in international congresses, conferences and seminars since its foundation.

Sharing experiences, acquiring new and trusted partners, taking care of constant progress is our main duty.

The managers of the company inform all clinics on the spot; Only after a full study we sign a memorandum of cooperation. That is why each of our patients enjoys the most modern methods of treatment - we entrust patient health to the prestigious multidisciplinary centers of the world.

Medical tourism and Covid-19

As you know, Coronavirus is a challenge both for Georgia and for the whole world.

However, even in the conditions of a pandemic, with full observance of safety norms, we still continue to care for patients - with the help of our organization, Georgian citizens can enjoy full-fledged medical services at a partner clinics abroad.

Important news

Health and Tourism International Center has important news for the citizens of Georgia - our organization has signed a memorandum with the official partner of Acibadem Laboratory, i-Lab.

I-Lab, a subsidiary of Health and Tourism International Center, is the official and only representative of Acibadem Labmed (a network of turkish Clinics) in Georgia.

You have the opportunity to conduct more than 40,000 laboratory tests without leaving the country, including vital tests that were not previously available in Georgia.

Remember, taking care of your health is much easier with the help Health and Tourism International Center.

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