Tbilisi is the political, economic and cultural center of Georgia. The city was founded in the 5th century and became the capital of Georgia in the 6th century. Thanks to its rich history and ethnic diversity, you can find buildings of various architectural styles in Tbilisi. There are many modern prospects and old narrow streets in the city center. Of particular interest to tourists is the medieval district. There are Christian churches in Tbilisi as well as mosques and synagogues located side by side. This fact clearly demonstrates the high level of Tbilisi tolerance.

The city has a large number of bars, restaurants and luxury hotels. You can taste traditional Georgian cuisine and drink coffee. Thanks to the numerous clubs, life is always active, and anyone can always enjoy the night. Among the most interesting sights in Tbilisi are Narikala Fortress, Sioni Cathedral, Tbilisi Opera and Ballet Theater, Vorontsov Palace, Trinity Cathedral, National Museum and many more.

Visitors are curious about sulfur baths from time immemorial. Free internet is available throughout the city. Tbilisi is a crossroads between Asia and Europe. Thanks to its geopolitical location, in recent years Tbilisi has become an important transit route for trade projects and global production. Tourism is booming here, with new buildings and 5-star hotels being built at a rapid pace. There are about 200 schools and about 100  colleges and universities in the city where students from different countries study. Tbilisi State Medical University, located in Tbilisi, is well-known worldwide.

Rustaveli Avenue is one of the most famous places in Tbilisi. Many museums, theaters, restaurants and shopping centers are located here. You can rent a bike, stroll along this beautiful street and enjoy the city views. Tbilisi has always attracted writers and artists. The views of Tbilisi, the narrow colorful streets, church domes, bookstores are reflected in the works of many famous artists. Tbilisi is a modern city that is getting more and more familiar with the world.



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