Heart palpitations - home treatment

Heart palpitations - home treatment

Are you suffering from a fast or high heart rate?

During a heartbeat, the heart beats quickly, the pulsation is irregular, and the heartbeat may be felt in the neck, throat, or chest.

Stress, physical exertion can be the cause of heart palpitations - although in rare clinical cases, an increase in heart rate is associated with various diseases.

As we read in the article, this unpleasant sensation is mostly harmless. Of course, in clinical cases, when heart palpitations are caused by various diseases, for example, arrhythmias, self-medication is not allowed and the participation of a cardiologist is necessary.

Please note that if you have a history of heart disease or rapid heart palpitations, it is recommended that you consult a doctor, the doctor must assess the condition and establish the exact cause of the symptom.

Heart rate control at home

The most appropriate home treatment for heart palpitations is to avoid the irritants that cause the symptoms as much as possible.

We advise to:

  • Reduce stress. For heart health benefits, use any remedy to help you relax and unwind;
  • Avoid caffeine, energy drinks;
  • Quit smoking;
  • Walk in nature, in the fresh air;
  • Eat healthy foods: potatoes, bananas, avocados, dairy products, green leafy vegetables, fish;
  • Drink water often (when dehydrated, the heart works harder and the risk of heart palpitations increases);
  • Avoid alcohol;
  • It is helpful to exercise regularly (walking, jogging, cycling, swimming). Keep in mind that every body is different, and in some people, exercise-related heart palpitations are caused by exercise. Consult your doctor about physical activity;
  • Pour cold water over your face.