Which eye color is the most common and which is rare?

Which eye color is the most common and which is rare?

What color eyes do you have

Formation of human eye color is a kind of complex, genetic process.

Note that a newborn baby may be born with blue eyes, but within a year or two after birth, the baby's eye color will darken.

Genes control the growth and development of each cell in the body.

Genetics determine both visual characteristics (blood group, hair and eye color, height, build, etc.), as well as various pathologies or diseases.

It is known that many characteristics are not only genetic and are also greatly influenced by environmental factors.


It is the most common eye color in the world.


Globally, it is the second most common eye color in the world.

A mixture of green, orange and gold (called Hazel)

About 5% of the world's population is born with mixed eyes.


5% of the world population has it. Amber eyes have slightly more melanin than Hazel, but not as much as brown eyes.


It is a very rare eye color.

Gray eyes

Only 3% of people in the world have eyes of this color. In the case of gray, there is no melanin in the colored membrane of the eye, or it is present in a small amount, but there is a much larger amount of collagen in the stroma (part of the eye). Against the background of collagen scattered light, the eye takes on a gray color.


When a person has more than one eye color - it is fixed in only 1% of people. The color of both eyes may be completely different from each other or one part of the colored membrane of the eye may be different from the rest.

Some people are born with heterochromia. In other cases, the cause of the formation may be an eye injury or health problems.