Abano Ritz

Abano Ritz

Abano Ritz - treatment and relaxation in a 5-star hotel


Every guest at this hotel feels like a famous star.

Located in Padua, Italy, the Abano Ritz Hotel is home to the upscale Abano Ritz Hotel with

thermal pools and spas.

At the 3 restaurants of the hotel you can taste local dishes, enjoy wine on the terrace.

At the Wellness Center under the supervision of a fitness instructor you will do water aerobics,

and each minute spent in the sauna will have a positive effect on different systems of the body.

As you know, the sauna causes perspiration, so toxins follow the body. As a rule, most visitors

are relieved of stress after visiting the sauna, returning to a happy life and are in a good mood.

The hotel has a massage room for complete relaxation; A relaxing massage will soothe you,

improve the functioning of your internal organs, fill you with energy.

Each room is furnished with classic furniture - you will find an exquisite design.

The hotel has been successfully managed by several generations of the Poletto family for many



In addition to a vibrant and healthy lifestyle, the complex includes a golf course, bicycle path

and jogging track.

Mud therapy for patients with chronic diseases is carried out in the thermal center.

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