Colon cancer and genetic analysis

Colon cancer and genetic analysis

What you need to know about colon cancer?

Colon cancer develops in the large intestine and usually begins in a large percentage of clinical cases with small cell growths, benign, adenomatous polyps. Over time, polyps can turn into cancer.

No one is insured against the disease, although colon cancer is more common in older people.

Screening for people at moderate risk of colon cancer is recommended from age 50, although people at high risk (with a family history of colon cancer) should start monitoring their health at a much younger age.

It should be noted that the risk of developing cancer is significantly reduced if you start living a healthy lifestyle. Recommended:

  • Eat fruits, vegetables, whole grains often;
  • Reduce the dose of alcohol as much as possible;
  • Quit smoking;
  • Try to exercise, be physically active. However, do not start exercising arbitrarily, the level of physical activity depending on the state of health, the program should be determined by your doctor
  • Obesity is especially dangerous. In case of obesity, lose extra pounds, maintain a healthy weight.

Genetic analysis

Colon cancer genetic test, a blood test that determines if you are a carrier of a mutated gene (abnormal gene that causes colon cancer).

It is noteworthy that many patients diagnosed with colon cancer did not have a family history at all; This means that if the lab test shows a positive result, you are at risk, although it is quite possible that you will never develop cancer - the test allows the oncologist to monitor your health, using various methods to significantly reduce the risk of developing the disease.

What does I-Lab offer?

A subsidiary of Health and Tourism International Center and an official partner of the Turkish network of clinics "Acibadem" in Georgia, I-Lab Laboratory offers genetic testing to determine if you carry colon cancer mutated gene.

A safe and comfortable environment awaits you in the ultra-modern laboratory.

The ultra-modern laboratory follows all the protocols prescribed by the Ministry of Health - a safe and comfortable environment awaits you.

You can perform the analysis at any time you want - our laboratory is open every day.

Please note that pre-registration is required.

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