Unforgettable one-day tour in Tbilisi

Unforgettable one-day tour in Tbilisi

The city full of life - Tbilisi

Health and Tourism International Center offers an unforgettable one-day tour of Georgia in Tbilisi.

Tour Package includes:


Host-guide service;

Traditional Georgian luch by Tbilisi view ( FUNICULAR );

Dinner with Georgian wine ( FABRIKA )


Tour price:

  • One guest - 330 GEL (121$)
  • Two guests - 225 GEL (84$)
  • Three-four guests - 173 GEL (65$)
  • Five-six guests - 167 GEL (61$)
  • in case of seven and more guests you can offer individual terms

Start of the Tour -09: 00

Lunch 15:00

Dinner 20:00

To verify any information you can contact us at: WhatsApp (+995) 597 556 765; Viber (+995) 597 556 765


Short information about visit places:

Turtle Lake - Turtle Lake or Korki Lake is located on the northern slope of Mtatsminda ridge from the center of Tbilisi to the southwest. We will start the tour in the city full of life by walking down the turtle lake. This place is associated with clean air and healthy environment. A walk around the lake, which is about 1 km long, is surrounded by cafes and amusement parks. You will soon be in love with the impressive mountain view and atmosphere filled with harmony.Turtle Lake

The Ethnographic Museum - The ethnographic museum founded in 1966 is the first in the Caucasus, located in the open air and represents a monumental educational-cultural heritage.

After leaving the Turtle Lake we will see an impressive sightseeing of ethnographic museum where you can learn miniature model of Georgia with its varied ethno-culture. The area comprises 52 hectares occupied by 11 zones in which 70 different residential and economic buildings of Georgian architecture, existed from the different regions of Georgia are characterized.The Ethnographic Museum

The Metekhi Church - The route will continue to Metekhi Cathedral, which is located in Old Tbilisi municipality, in the oldest historical district of Metekhi, on the left bank of the Mtkvari. The Cathedral of the XIII century is centrally domed. Its walls are based on classical Georgian traditions. Metekhi Virgin Mary Church, or simply Metekhi, is one of Tbilisi's most important and well-known monuments. Here's the earliest settlement in the city area.The Metekhi Church

Chardin Street - Next stop will be in the oldest part of Tbilisi, on a small pedestrian street street. Known by the name of famous traveler Jean Chardin. It has always been a hub of cultural and social life. On the street there are located popular restaurants, café bars, night clubs, galleries, exhibitions, concerts.Chardin Street

Sulfur Baths - After sightseengs, sulfur baths, which are located in the old part of Tbilisi, where building of the city Tbilisi started, are best suited. The sulfur waters of Tbilisi are treated with medicinal properties in their chemical composition and in addition to relaxation is a method used to treat various diseases. The majority of baths were created in the XVII-XVIII centuries by the influence of Iranian architecture.Sulfur Baths

Leghvtakhevi - After sulfur baths, we will visit the place where was located the pheasant sculpture, as the symbol of Tbilisi. Thanks to its unique landscape, there is a very special temperature regime and it is equally good at every season of the year. There are many old buildings along the valley, along with waterfalls and high rocks. Old Tbilisi restored house balconies overlooking Leghvtakhevi will make you feel the history of the city even better.Leghvtakhevi

Botanical Garden - We will move from Leghvtakhevi to The Tbilisi Botanical Garden, which is a former Royal Garden. The garden is the best place for relaxung. An area comprising 128000 hectares can accommodate 4500 different species of plants. There are also kept unique plant plots of Georgia and across the Caucasus, tropical orangery and plants in the Red Book. Comfortable viewing Botanical Garden will be conducted with the help of electric vehicles and we can better understand the beauty.Botanical Garden

Mtatsminda Park - Without a traditional Georgian Lunch, the tour of Tbilisi is unimaginable and the best place to visit is Mtatsminda Park, which is one of the most beautiful parts of Tbilisi with an unusual geographical location and interesting infrastructure. Mtatsminda Park was built on the axis of the funicular upper station in 1930. Its area is over 100 hectares and is the highest park in Tbilisi. It is divided into three eXtreme, children and family zones. In addition to the attractions there are restaurants and cafes, shops, relaxing zones, celebration center and marriage house.

The park is connected as a motorway and a funicular that was built in 1905 and is one of the city's historic sites. Comfortable viewing of Mtatsminda Park will be provided by electric mobiles and traditional dinner will wait for you in the most beautiful restaurant in the city with the fascinating Tbilisi view.Mtatsminda Park


Fabrika - The former Soviet garment factory, which opened in 2016 and is one of the most popular, multifunctional places in Tbilisi. Here you can find all the interesting things altogether - Different types of food, local artists' studios, work space, conference halls, barbershop. Dinner finished with tasting of Georgian wine is the final chord at the end of the unforgettable tour, which will wait for you on the territory of the Fabrika (factory).FABRIKA