The monastery complex - David Gareji

The monastery complex - David Gareji

Unforgettable one-day tour in David Gareji (The dwelling of the monks)

Health and Tourism International Center offers an unforgettable one-day tour of Georgia in Davit-Gareji.

Tour Package includes:


  • David Gareji monastery complex - sarees;
  • Colored Mountains of Multicolor - Panorama of color deserts;

Host-guide service;

Catering - traditional Georgian dinner;

Tour price:

  • One guest - 368 GEL (137$)
  • Two guests - 209 GEL (78$)
  • Three-four guests - 141 GEL (53$)
  • Five-six guests - 129 GEL (48$)
  • In the case of seven and more guests you can offer individual terms

Departure - 09:00

Dinner - 13: 00

Return - 16:00

To verify any information you can contact us at: WhatsApp (+995) 597 556 765; Viber (+995) 597 556 765


David Gareji monastery complex (The dwelling of the monks)

The main location of our tour is David Gareji Monastery Complex, which was founded by one of the 13 Assyrian fathers - Saint David Garejeli. At the sight of the Gareji, you will see the unique beauty of the strict nature. From the bare rocks empty caves are seen. Here we see the tremendous slopes of Georgian culture, the ruined and looted wonderful monuments that still make great impressions on the guests. The monastery complex now consists of more than 20 historical monuments. Davit Gareji monasteries have created a unique monastic and architectural tradition, its own school of fresco painting. Particularly impressive is the painting of XII-XIII cc in the church of the church of Bertubani monastery of the Virgin Mary. The rich collection of manuscripts was kept in Davit Gareji.David Gareji monastery complex

Multicolored Mountains of Mravaltskaro

After Davit Gareji we will see the colorful deserts, which are from the vast hills, the dry and tropical peaks of the highlands, the scarce vegetation. "Color Mountains" is named after the different colored sedimentary rocks, located in the Gardabani municipality, in the half-desert area, the colorful mountains-the desert, the most adventurous and colorful tour to spring.Multicolored Mountains of Mravaltskaro