Homeland of Vineyard - Kakheti

Homeland of Vineyard - Kakheti

one day unforgettable tour

“America gave the world aviation, Germany gave the world car, Britain – internet but Georgia’s contribution was much more profound and important - Georgia gave the world wine”.

Health and Tourism International Center offers a one-day unforgettable tour in Georgian homeland for vineyard in Kakheti.

Tour includes:


Host-guide service;

Nutrition - Traditional Kakhetian dinner;

Master class of barbecue;

Museum ticket

Tour price:

  • One guest - 141$
  • Two guests - 83$
  • Three-four guests - 58$
  • Five-six guests - 53$
  • In case of seven or more guests, it is possible to offer individual terms

Exit - 09:00

Dinner - 13: 00

Return - 19:00

To verify any information you can contact us at: WhatsApp (+995) 597 556 765; Viber (+995) 597 556 765


Short information about visit places:

Sighnaghi - the first place we visit is Sighnaghi. It is one of the most picturesque towns in Georgia, located at an altitude of 790 meters above sea level and overlooks the beautiful landscape of the Alazani Valley and the Caucasus Mountains. Sighnaghi is referred to as the city museum, because the settlement has been preserved almost 200 years ago by architectural style. Fortress walls, Georgian brick built houses and wooden balconies, pedestrian streets, cellars and of course, incomparable view - all of this will leave unforgettable impression on you - our dear guests.Sighnaghi

Kvareli - After Sighnaghi we will move to Kvareli, which is located on the Alazani Valley and is the administrative center of Kvareli municipality. Here the culture, architecture and wine of Georgia harmoniously merge with each other. Tourists who come here will be able to get acquainted with the history of wine making and production and taste this wonderful drink.Kvareli

Gremi - After Kvareli we will move to Gremi, which was the capital of Kakheti in the medieval Georgia and the residence of the king. The Gremi architectural complex consists of a variety of structures. There is a church of dome archangels, three-story palace chamber, agricultural buildings, fence. There are baths, markets and caravans. The most visible part of the Gremi - The Archangels' complex, which is located on the rocky edge of the rock, is composed of a high-walled domed church and palace.Gremi

Telavi - From Gremi we will go to Kakheti Municipality Administrative Center - Telavi. Telavi is an important transport hub, industrial, agricultural (winemaking) and cultural center. This amazing city keeps the history of the whole country. There's a lot of remarkable places here. The uninhabited fortress is called the lord's castle. It's enough to have a one-day visit in this city and your memory will remain forever in its oldest cellars, beautiful houses, fortresses, delicious Georgian dishes and the hospitality of this city.Telavi

Cellar-museum "Numisi" - at the end of the tour, we will move to the oldest cellar of the village Velistsikhe, Gurjaani district, which is dated back to XVI century. The cellar building is a classic monument of Kakhetian architecture, constructed with white stone and white bricks. In the process of tasting the wine we will travel in the past of the wine and we will feel the entire wine culture. Cellar-museum