Sleeping with makeup is very harmful for facial skin

Sleeping with makeup is very harmful for facial skin

Every woman knows that she should remove her makeup and moisturize her skin before going to bed.

However, due to a number of factors, we are sometimes so tired that we gladly share the day's heavy makeup with a pillow. However, this habit is very harmful for the facial skin and is a prerequisite for the appearance of premature wrinkles.

Here's why you can't sleep with makeup on:

  •  On the street, during the day, dirt and various dirty substances are easily deposited on the skin, which is added to the make-up. Imagine the skin having to be in these conditions during the day and not being able to "breathe" at night
  • because you couldn"t get rid of the foundation. If you leave the makeup on overnight, the skin will no longer absorb the necessary amount of oxygen. The end result of this bad habit is dryness and irritation of the skin;
  •  The risk of developing an eye infection increases;
  •  Pores expand;
  •  There is a high risk of drying the lips;
  •  The skin acquires an unhealthy, exhausted look;
  •  Wrinkles appear.