Assuta - Israeli Medical Market Leader Clinic

Assuta - Israeli Medical Market Leader Clinic

Assuta is an Israeli medical market leader network of clinics that brings health and life to patients from all over the world.

A team of clinic specialists treat patients with innovative medical technologies in accordance with modern standards.

Each member of the network does everything possible to ensure that all patients receive optimal medical care, and it is also important that the treatment takes place in a safe environment.

Assuta meets all the standards set for the quality of Assuta hospital services and patient safety, a striking example of this is the prestigious JCI award.

This accreditation is a means of demonstrating the quality of medical services and is recognized as the gold standard in global health.

The network centers are located in the major cities of the country including:

  • Tel Aviv;
  • Haifa;
  • Beer-Sheva;
  • Ashdod etc.

It should be noted that the clinic includes the Center for Genetics and Sperm Bank.

It is equipped with the latest scientific laboratory and training center.

Medical education in Assuta is being continued by doctors from all over the world. The trainings and seminars are delivered by prominent Israeli scientists, leaders of the healthcare system.

The clinic is represented by a recreational, relaxation center located in the hospital and allowing the patient to feel comfortable in an ultramodern hotel.

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