In DeutschMedic's reliable hands - German quality

In DeutschMedic's reliable hands - German quality

DeutschMedic GmbH – German International Tourism Company offers only our patients, various clinics in Germany, special prices and services for all-inclusive packages.

Health and tourism international center, the HTI Center, collaborates with the world-recognized German clinics with a special success. Among the many German clinics, we chose the clinics that international patients recommend and the clinics service quality is much higher than the price.

Our knowledge, long experience of cooperation with abroad clinics allows us to select every following partner more attentively, taking into consideration the interests of patients and primarily with the high professional staff, So this is how 5 different clinic were chosen among  the best clinics of Germany :

Our premium partner – hospitals of CONTILIA group:

1. Elisabeth-Krankenhaus - Essen's first academic clinic in Germany, was founded in 1843 and still offers multifunctional medical services, including diagnostics and difficult operations.

2. Rein Ruhr International Center for Cardiovascular Diseases. The Germans themselves trust their heart to this particular clinic, as the most reliable and rated one.

3. West German Internal Diseases and Surgery Center, which is especially requested by gastroenterological patients.

4. Mothers and Children’s Health Center, the largest gynecological clinic in the region, and the number one clinic by the child birth rate.

5. Orthopedic Surgeon and Traumatology Clinic, the best German quality of endoprosthesis, the medical institution known with the minimal invasive operations.

6. Prophylactic Medicine Center Bodyguard- which offers patients full spectrum of modern radiology, diagnoses with highest accuracy.

7. Diabetology Center - Diagnostic and Complex treatment with modern authoring methods of diabetes, in children, in pregnant women, adolescents and adults.

And the most important detail, we've signed a memorandum with the German International Tourism Company DeutschMedic GmbH, which will offer our customers special prices and all-inclusive packages, which means that we send our patients in Germany's reliable hands, those who choose German quality.

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