MLPCARE Group - pioneers in healthcare under one roof

MLPCARE Group - pioneers in healthcare under one roof

“Affordable health care for all”

The HTI Center's partner MLPCARE Group is Turkey's largest healthcare network that combines 4 medical organizations, Medical Park Group, Liv Hospital Group and VM Medical Park Group clinics and Istinye University Hospitals. 

“Affordable health care for all” is the slogan of the MLPCARE group, the principle of which is one of the largest medical networks in Turkey conducting, since 1991 it has become the greatest progress and success.

With great experience, advanced technologies and personal services, Medical Park provides global and free healthcare services in the field of health care: high quality diagnostics and treatment, using the best and most advanced medical technologies in the patient's most safe and comfortable conditions. Oncological, cardiovascular, hematological and pediatric services of MLPCARE Group are the best and most in demand in the world.

Delivery of high quality services to foreign patients is the priority of Medical Park. The Clinics Network Medical Park, as one of the leading healthcare services and one of the most adaptive organizations for foreign consumers, offers patients a full range of medical services. From the airport to the airport, specialists of the highly qualified and experienced foreign patient service center of the Medical Park are fully responsive and in compliance with the patient and its accompanying interests are satisfied with high standards of service.

Highly qualified specialists of the collective are sympathetic and understandable by visitors with special needs, representatives of all cultures and try to make each patient's presence in the clinic walls as good as possible.

Constant care for the quality of service is the most important part for the MLPCARE Group-'s internal policy - this means providing patient and personnel comfort, protection of their rights, providing high-quality health care services with the use of the latest technologies and most importantly providing quality medical care at affordable prices.


The strengths of the Medical Park:

Transplantation Center - Kidney transplant, liver transplant, pancreas transplant and corneal transplant surgeries are executed within organ transplant centers. Medical Park Antalya Hospital Complex Organ Transplantation Center performed once again the highest number of transplant surgeries in the World in 2011 as well.

MLPCARE Organ Transplantation Unit takes its remarkable place among the most active Kidney Transplant Centers with the highest number of transplantations. Even the top of the most active organ transplantation centers of the US do not have the organ transplantation annual numbers that Medical Park Group has performed on 2017 and 2018.

Adult and Pediatric Bone Marrow Transplant Centers that work with the international standards, are integrated into the international bone marrow banks. Our expert physicians provide training to the international colleagues. According to the studies made by the Turkish Ministry of Health in 2016, Medical Park Antalya Hospital Complex took the first place among the top five centers in Turkey which performed the largest number of Pediatric Bone Marrow Transplantations

GAMMA KNIFE RADIOSURGERY World-class Gamma Knıfe Experıence Medical Park Gamma Knife Center Bahçeşehir University Hospital Medical Park Göztepe

Oncology Surgery,

Advanced Robotıc Surgery Center

Genetıc Dıagnosıs Center

In-vitrofertilization Center Pregnancy Rate: 55-60% (avr. 35 years age) 40% (about 40 years age)


The MLPCARE Group is an ambitious organization that seeks to use advanced medical technologies to provide high-quality public health services to the population, while at the same time adhering to the principles of medical ethics and the patient's right to become first, branded and best in the health sector.

The MLPCARE group is well equipped with JCIA (Accredited International Joint Commission) in the US standard.

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