Terme di Sorano

Terme di Sorano

Our company is the official representative of Terme di Sorano, one of the most demanded medical tourism destinations in Italy

Medical tourism, along with treatment  visits, includes refreshing and preventing  offerings, so the HTI Center selects a special focus on partners in the health and healthcare field.

Our company is the official representative of Terme di Sorano in Georgia, one of the most demanded destinations of medical tourism in Italy.

Thermal resort Terme di Sorano is located in the heart of Italy, in the hospitable Tuscany. This is the place where Italians invite guests from different parts of the world to enjoy their hospitality and return home with new energy and vitality. Italians say that the unique microclimate of Tuscany, delicious cuisine and local wine can cure the patient from any illness.

Terme di Sorano is a magnificent residence where the vacationer receives a full range of the services in the health and wellness areas. The Magnium-type thermal water of the bicarbonate, permanently maintained at 37.5 degrees, gives a  great pleasure to the tourists.

The special program on the resort is provided for patients with musculoskeletal system, arthritis and arthrosis illnesses, as well as the best approaches for postoperative rehabilitation, recommended for peripheral and central nervous system diseases and general health improvement.

The company HTI Center shares an unprecedented assessment of Italian and recommends a full responsibility for the unique resort Terme di Sorano in the hospitable Tuscany. We offer special prices and full tourism services to get to the magnificent Italian resort for unforgettable memories and mobilization of new vital forces.

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