I-LAB offers more than 40,000 laboratory tests at Acibadem Labmed

I-LAB offers more than 40,000 laboratory tests at Acibadem Labmed

Immunohistochemistry, Morphology, Cytology

The vital laboratory tests offered to patients by the Acibadem laboratory are now available in Georgia.

Conduct laboratory analysis in Tbilisi, in the i-Lab laboratory, which is the official and only representative of Acibadem Labmed, a network of Turkish clinics in Georgia.

A sample for immunohistochemical, morphological and cytological examination will be sent to Istanbul.

Based on the analysis results, our organization will contact you with the right doctor and clinic.

A pleasant and comfortable environment awaits you.

Our laboratory research is carried out in full compliance with safety standards.

What is immunohistochemical examination?

Immunohistochemistry is a morphological examination to determine if a tumor is cancerous.

What is the purpose of an immunohistochemical study?

The immunohistochemical method is widely used to diagnose abnormal cells present in carcinogenic tumors.

Immunohistochemistry is essential for accurate diagnosis and, consequently, for an adequate course of treatment, as well as for the differentiation of the tumor.

Immunohistochemical examination allows the oncologist to determine tumor histogenesis, especially in clinical cases where it is difficult to determine the location of the primary foci.

Immunohistochemical diagnosis is also effective in detecting a group of tumors intended for radiation therapy and in determining tumor hormone dependence.

As already mentioned, immunohistochemistry is necessary in almost all clinical cases for the primary diagnosis of pathology.

What is morphological examination?

According to scientists, morphological studies are the gold standard in the process of diagnosing various diseases.

By morphological examination, the attending physician makes an unmistakable, accurate diagnosis - types of morphological examination include cytological and histological methods.

Morphological examination is especially important during tumor processes.

What is the purpose of morphological research?

Morphological examination is a very important test, the main purpose of which is the final verification of the diagnosis.

For morphological research, a morphologist will examine biopsy and surgical material in the laboratory at the tissue, cellular, molecular level.

It is impossible to determine the course of treatment and prognosis without a morphological study.

By diagnosing the morphological examination data with the clinical conclusion, the diagnosis is made, the pathology is managed and the disease is effectively treated.

Morphological examination of the cell

To confirm the diagnosis of leukemia, a laboratory study is necessary, with the help of which the morphologist examines the size, volume and shape of the bone marrow cells.

This process is called cell morphology, and thus the type of leukemia is assessed.

What is a cytological examination?

During a cytological examination, the cytologist is informed about the pathological process in the body at the cellular level.

We should mention that today it has become possible to use complex cytological studies in combination with molecular biology and immunomorphological studies, which significantly reduces the number of inaccurate diagnoses.

What is the purpose of cytological examination?

This research method determines the nature of the tumor, that is, under the control of a microscope, benign and malignant processes can be distinguished, which significantly increases the chances of curing the disease at an early stage.

Based on the response to the cytological examination, the doctor plans a course of treatment.

However, during cytological analysis, the surgeon determines the scale of the operation, for example, radical or organ-preserving.

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