How to protect skin in cold winter weather?

How to protect skin in cold winter weather?

Take care of your skin, follow some important recommendations.

Cold winter weather is a serious test for the skin, because low temperature, frost, wind, rain stress its structure.

Against the background of low air temperature, the moisture of the skin decreases and it tends to dry out. Cold air causes mechanical irritation of the skin, redness, dryness - episodes of exacerbation of chronic skin diseases are frequent in winter.

Since the cold significantly reduces the protective barrier function of the skin, it is necessary to take care of it.


  •  Daily moisturizing of the skin;
  •  Of course, the skin should be clean, but don't use strong cleaning products every day;
  •  Water should be of normal temperature, it is not useful to be hot;
  •  Keep your face away from the wind;
  •  Consult a doctor if the color of your skin has changed due to the cold, you have sores and you are suffering from pain;
  •  You need sunscreen even in winter;
  •  Artificial tan is not desirable;
  •  Consult a dermatologist if you are chronically suffering from the following symptoms: dry skin, itching, rash, peeling of the skin surface.