Visual memory improves when taking a photo

Visual memory improves when taking a photo

Do you like taking photos?

Taking interesting shots with a mobile phone or camera and uploading them to social networks is a favorite hobby of many people.

The scientists decided to conduct an interesting experiment on this issue, in particular, they invited the participants to the museum - some were allowed to take photos, while the others were not.

The group that was allowed to take a photo was better at remembering the visual items. For example, they were able to identify many objects much more easily.

It turned out that visual memory improves during the process of taking photos, but the same cannot be said about auditory memory.

According to the scientists, the level of auditory memory decreased during the photo- taking process, for example, they almost did not remember or very poorly guessed what the audio guide said about the exhibits presented at the exhibition.

This experiment once again confirms an important point - memory is closely related to the ability to pay attention and concentrate, that is, you will remember well what interests you.